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Clipper Race Preparation


Preparing for the Clipper Race, for me, has been an exercise in mental and physical readiness...beginning from the initial discovery about the Clipper Race on Facebook ("gee, maybe I can do this?!"), to the physical journey in getting ready (lost 30 pounds and massively increased my physical fitness), to the financial commitment (about the price of a new Tesla, excluding additional travel, equipment etc.) to going around the world.

I began the journey by filling out an extensive application, back in the spring of 2019, which explored my sailing background, motivations, and culminated in an interview where everything was explored, both from my mental and physical readiness.  Once this aspect was underway, I needed to explore this ambition with Jean, my wife and daughter Katie.  There was overwhelming enthusiasm to do the race!  ("if not now, when?").  As Katie went off to college, I was focused on how to do the race without missing key milestones, and the original plan was for the 2021-2022 race, which would have been her junior year at the University of Oregon, plenty of time for me to be back in time for graduation and to support her exploration of careers and post-college life!

Read my blog for more insights into my Race Preparation.

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My Clipper Race

My Race Execution

The 2023-2024 Clipper Race is composed of 8 legs around the world, composed of 11 identical boats, 11 skippers/first mates,  and over 700 crew, from around the world!  For the next 11 months we will circle the globe, cross 6 oceans and travel over 40,000 kilometers!



My Race Philanthropy

Philanthropy is an important tenet of the Clipper Race.  From our sustainability pledge to the  community service events the crews do in port, we focus on building a better world.  I am dedicated to raising $40,000 ($1 for each kilometer around the world) for UNICEF and the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

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